Rotties Rule and Drool

To Paraphrase where I am now. Working with Domains, Websites publishing the Vashon Loop both on line at and in print, still living on Vashon Island. 19 years in radio engineering and I still do a little of that, and about 5 years playing with websites and Domain names and along the way adopting Ceasar my first Rottweiler. Now I have Sketch (9.5 yrs) and Harley also 9.5 years

One of my very first websites was so I could post photo’s of Ceasar and his friends


Me and Rasha’s puppies, Andy, Buddha & Kona (9-1-2001)


Me, Sketch, Polly and one of the Puppies


On to the Domains. Just set up a new Dog Blog at and one for Dog Toys because I have lots of experience with those. The Dog Toy site is

That’s all for now. Want to see my outdated resume? Click here